Civic Data Hackathon: Syracuse Roads Data Challenge

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Download City of Syracuse data below!

City Data

Street Shapefile

This street shapefile includes all of the streets in the City of Syracuse. It also includes the category of street, like a major road versus a local road. You can join the road rating and potholes data to this shapefile using the unique Street ID attribute that is contained across datasets.

Potholes Filled

This is a record of most potholes filled in the City of Syracuse since April, 2016. Most potholes are filled using a machine called a durapatcher. Each time a durapatcher fills a pothole, a row of data is logged, documenting the time and location. Some larger potholes are filled using other methods, and not all potholes in the city are found. The City only started tracking all potholes filled in April, 2016.

Road Ratings

Every road block in the city is rated on a 1-10 scale. Each road is rated every two years, and we are supplying records of road ratings going back to the year 2000. There is a scoring criteria for these ratings - 1 is the worst rating and 10 is the best. Generally, it is accepted that once a road reaches a rating of 5 or below, it is a candidate for larger maintenance work called "milling and paving".

Other Open Data